We are Passionate About Guiding you through as you transform.

Our passion comes along with the name iConnect Agile. We believe in the analogy of Guardrails. Transformation journeys using any methodology should define clear, distinct guardrails for self-assessing the need to pivot.

Our team comes with knowledge from the field work and years of learning to identify the potholes in the Agile roads that could cause your journey to derail from the desired path.

Our Affiliates

iConnect Agile is proud to be an affiliate with Scaled Agile Frame Work. We are currently a bronze partner. 

We are framework agnostic and believe that a clients needs are the best detriment factor on approach when it comes to resolving the underlying problem in any organization regardless of it’s size.

Our Specilizations

iConnect Agile specializes in working with Aerospace, Banking, Healthcare, Oil & Gas industries. 

Our team serves by helping small startups to gain strong muscles by strategy, planning, and execution. We all serve large enterprises by helping them to adopt lean startup mindset and build culture, alignment, and collaboration.